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Header Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
“This newsletter mainly looks back on the month of March, when we once again made quite a splash. To mention a few highlights: International Womens' Day; the first conference of the DIS project and the presentation of the D&I Award 2021 to Louise Autar. We even organized a pub quiz! EDI is also involved in BLM events and the activities of InclUUsion. All activities were online and the meetings were dearly missed. However, the advantage of online events is that everything is recorded. So: make use of this opportunity and get inspired by all EDI activities of the past months!” Diversity Dean Janneke Plantenga
Webinar anti-discrimination for students
Jokes, insults or exclusion. How do you recognise discrimination and what can you do against it? During the Diversity Month March, Art.1 Midden Nederland provided basic knowledge and tools for tackling discrimination and, if necessary, standing up for yourself and your fellow students.
Diversity: Intake & Selection Project (DIS) symposium demonstrates that diversity is a relevant topic
Henk Kummeling and Janneke Plantenga kicked off the online DIS symposium on 11 March during the month of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Project leaders Leoniek Wijngaards and Ted Sanders both provided a retrospective of the first two years of the project, after which the participants could attend various presentations and workshops. Halleh Ghorashi closed the symposium with a keynote address in which she also shared her own personal stories. Over 160 employees and students attended the event. It was heartwarming to see that the message of trying to make student intake for our degree programmes more diverse and more inclusive is supported by a large group of stakeholders. This summer we will be kicking off phase 2 of the DIS project, in which many (new) degree programme departments will again take part.
Incluusion Traineeship for Refugees
''As a result of my internship I will now get a paid contract! It was a great opportunity to engage with the Dutch job market, gather more knowledge about the work environment, and learn the Dutch language on a practical level. This internship gave me the space to operate on a social level with coworkers and at a professional level. The team was always willing to help'', said one of the trainees of Incluusion Mouhaned.

For refugees, the right to work is fundamental for self-reliance, rebuilding their lives, and enabling them to contribute to the local communities that host them. To help with that Incluusion started an unpaid traineeship program for refugees at Utrecht University.
UU stops participating in Barometer Cultural Diversity in its current form
The Executive Board has decided to stop participating in the Barometer Cultural Diversity in its current form and not to share data about UU employees to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). All employees who were previously informed about participation received an email with further information about this decision. Read more about the initial reasons to participate in the barometer cultural diversity and why the Executive Board has decided to stop.
Louise Autar wins the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2021 
On 31 March, Louise Autar received the Diversity & Inclusion Award, including an amount of € 2.500,- to spend on diversity and inclusion within Utrecht University. Louise Autar is a lecturer in the departments of Language & Culture Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences and Gender Studies at Utrecht University. The jury members consider Louise's commitment to diversity and inclusion, in addition to her regular teaching duties, to be exceptional.

This year, the committee received nine nominations and selected a top three: Programma Opmaat /Donya YassineTeam Onderwijsadvies & training and Louise Autar

Missed the award ceremony?
Diversity Dean Janneke Plantenga presented the award. If you could not be present at the ceremony, please watch the recording.
More news
Wanted: Buddy's for Platform Studying without Limitations
Studying without Limitations is a peer to peer group for students with a disability. Platform Unlimited Studying is looking for enthusiastic students who want to become a buddy for students with a disability. It is not necessary to have a disability yourself. Would you like to become a buddy or do you want more information? Send an e-mail to:
Upcoming activities and EDI calender 2021
15 June Opening lecture 'BLM @UBD: Discrimination affects us all'
18 June Neurodiversity Pride Day
19 June Pink Saturday
20 June International Refugee Day
1 July    Ketikoti

Training courses
- Active bystander training
- Inclusive Leadership
- Diverse recruitment and selection
- Inclusive recruitment and hiring for Professors
- Working in a diverse environment – Dealing with differences at work
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