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Newsletter Centre for Academic Teaching June 2021   Read online
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Register now for the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week
This week, from 28 June until 2 July 2021, will be full of activities that offer UU teachers a wide range of online sessions develop and strengthen their education: there are webinars, inspiration sessions with students and teachers and workshops. The Strengthen-Your-Education-Week is organised by the partners in the Centre for Academic Teaching. Are you looking for ways to develop and strengthen your education? Are you struggling with (online) teaching issues and would you like advice from experts, fellow teachers and students? Register for the Strengthen-Your-Education-Week now!
New lecture rooms for hybrid teaching
Leadership Fellow grant and Senior Fellow grants awarded
Extension of support for lecturers in hybrid education
CAT and Educate-it are extending the temporary support for lecturers by providing student assistants. Because teaching will also take place in a hybrid form in the near future, lecturers can also apply for a student assistant in block 1 and 2 to support them in preparing and giving instruction in classrooms with a hybrid function. Lecturers have made good use of the temporary support, for which the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science had made extra funds available.
Utrecht Education Incentive Fund: cultivating innovation in education
Utrecht University is committed to developing educational innovation and wishes to esteem outstanding education as well as good teaching. For this reason, the Executive Board is making available a sum of two million euros per year to support talented members of teaching staff and educational innovations. One million euros will be distributed among the faculties based on their number of students. The Dean determines how the amount is to be spent in consultation with the Vice Dean of Education and the Directors of Education. Please contact your Faculty Board for more information. The other million euros will be allocated to interfaculty educational innovation projects. The call for interfaculty projects is now officially open.
Arranging internships through Continuing Education
Do you sometimes find it difficult to help students find internships? Especially during the corona crisis? Teacher educator Tim Favier had an advantage. Read more after the click!
Universities of applied sciences jointly develop educational qualifications for students
At universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, students are regularly deployed to provide education, for example to teach working groups. It is important to prepare these student teachers properly for their tasks, and to recognise and value their activities. That is why Dutch higher education institutions are going to cooperate in developing educational qualifications for students. This project, for which UU is the coordinator, will receive 1 million euros from OCW.
News from the teaching community TAUU
Make a learning experience of your (online) lecture
"A well-designed lecture is in the first place not a transfer of knowledge at all, but rather the art of seduction: trying to evoke something in the students, to involve them in an unknown universe.” Ruben Jacobs wrote this in his (Dutch) blog Waarom het hoorcollege niet bij het grofvuil moet worden gezet. But how is this done, seducing students to join you on an intellectual journey? Jessica Hegeman and lecturers discuss this during the interactive webinar ‘Making the online lecture a learning experience’.
One year of Teaching Support
From the Educational Database
CAT Events
Many activities related to the coronavirus measures have been cancelled. Check the CAT agenda for events that will take place online.

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