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October Diversity Month
In the previous version of this newsletter the link of the first activity (webinar of 29 September) was incorrect. Our apologies!

October is our Diversity Month. In this month, we celebrate the Diversity Day and the Coming Out day; the Week of Accessibility and the Week of Security. This special edition of the EDI Newsletter gives you an overview of our October programme, which we organize together with Centre for Academic Teaching, the teachers’ community TAUU and the Student & Academic Affairs Office, among others. Check the programme below and sign up for the activities.
Webinar: Developing an Inclusive Curriculum and Learning Environment
Wednesday 29 September, 13.15-14.00, online, in Dutch and English

As part of the project “Developing an Inclusive Curriculum and Learning Environment”, a scan is developed for course coordinators and lecturers to critically reflect on their course and their teaching. In the webinar, Jeroen Janssen and Anne-Roos Verbree explain how to use the scan. 
Discussion session: Toolbox Diversity in Education
Tuesday 5 October 2021, 13:30-15:00, online, in English

How to facilitate an inclusive classroom with the Toolbox Diversity in Education? The developers of the Toolbox Diversity in Education discuss their experiences (and struggles) with implementing the tools. 
Training: Active Bystander 
Monday 11 October, 11.00 am, online (for employees) and Tuesday 12 October, 11.00 am, online (for students)

When you witness inappropriate behavior, you can take action yourself. But how? In the ‘Active Bystander’ training, you learn about signs of inappropriate behavior and you receive tools to make unacceptable behavior discussable. More information and registration for employees will soon appear on our website. Students can register 
through the button below.
Training for students: Conversation outside your bubble
Wednesday 13 October, 13:00 – 15:00 (in Dutch); Monday 18 October, 15:00 – 17:00 (in English)

Consciously or subconsciously, many of us live in our own, often homogeneous social bubble. And while that can be comfortable, safe and affirming, there’s a lot to learn outside our own frames of reference. This workshop makes you aware of the importance of having conversations outside your social bubble.

The training will take place on location. More information about the location will soon appear on our website.  
Discussion session: Conversation about Inclusive Teaching to Enrich Utrecht University
Thursday 14 October, 15:15 – 16:45, online, in English

How can we foster diversity and inclusion as rewarding and enriching aspects of teaching at UU? And how can we reconsider our University Teaching Qualifications programmes as instruments for embracing this empathetical and global vision? Humanities lecturer Ozan Ozavci and educational consultant Hetty Grunefeld will discuss with the audience what questions to ask lecturers working on their UTQ to let them reflect on inclusive teaching and learning.
Incluusion Lustrum
The UU programme for refugees, Incluusion, celebrates its 5th anniversary this month with a recap video of what has been reached. The video will be launched next week on the Incluusion website and will include the experiences of refugee students, teachers, trainees and supervisors. “Following an Incluusion course was a great opportunity. What I liked the most, is that it encouraged me to keep on learning”, says one of the former students. Along with the video, Incluusion will publish a report with an evaluation of the programme and an outline for its future plans.
Upcoming activities
22 September Studium Generale: Waarom we het over klasse moeten hebben? 

23 September BLM@UBD: Dialogue session 2: 'Racism, what can I do about it?'

26 October Studium Generale: Gelijke kansen in het onderwijs

16 November Studium Generale: De gezondheidskloof

7-12 November 
Studium Generale: De klassenjustitie in 2021
Training courses
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