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Dear students and colleagues,

This week, we made decisions about education in Term 1 of the new academic year and about the introductions. You can read more about it below. We have taken these decisions now to provide clarity to students, lecturers and course schedulers and to be able to prepare the introductions well. In doing so, we run the risk of needing to make adjustments at a later stage; after all, the pandemic is not over yet. Flexibility remains necessary when setbacks occur. It is easier to scale down than to scale up when it comes to scheduling education. For the introduction period it is the other way around: scaling up when more is allowed, is easier than scaling down. We have taken this into account in the decision-making process.

As the Executive Board of Utrecht University, we choose, like the HU University of Applied Sciences, not to use the option of mandatory test and/or vaccination certificates for the introductions and educational activities in the new academic year. The practicability of this demands too much from all of us. In that case, checks must be carried out everywhere, and lecturers must provide alternative (online) education for every student who does not want to or cannot show proof of a negative test or vaccination. We will discuss this with the University Council.

Fortunately, controlling the coronavirus in the Netherlands is heading in the right direction. Many people have already been vaccinated and the number of people infected is declining rapidly. We hope that employees at UMC Utrecht can catch their breath again, now that the number of hospital admissions is decreasing. A beautiful summer awaits.

Kind regards,
The Executive Board,

Anton Pijpers, President
Margot van der Starre, Vice President
Henk Kummeling, Rector Magnificus
Current state of affairs
Education and examinations in Term 1 on campus
The education in Term 1 of the new academic year will be scheduled on campus, without the 1.5-metre measure and with a preliminary maximum group size of hundred people. This maximum group size does not apply to examinations, because sufficient distance is maintained in the rooms where examinations take place. This fits within the guidelines of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). It is possible that we will have to apply a different maximum group size at a later stage, because there will be national guidelines for this. Lecturers are requested to offer lectures for large groups (100+) online as much as possible. The new regulations and the increasing number of students put a high demand on our available classrooms. To meet this demand, education will have to be scheduled more often at the margins of the day. In some cases, this will require flexibility from lecturers and students. We understand that this can be very inconvenient and hope for your understanding.
Utrecht Orientation Week (UIT) and UU introductions
The 1.5 metre measure applies to the Utrecht Orientation Week (16 to 18 August). During the introductions of study programmes and study associations and the Orientation Days there is no 1.5-metre measure, but there is a maximum group size of hundred people. This maximum only applies to indoor activities. For outdoor activities, we avoid large groups of people gathering outdoors. Parties, large-scale drinks receptions and organised overnight stays are unfortunately not permitted, and also introductory camps cannot take place either. Online activities are also prepared for the introductions, for students who cannot or do not want to come to the university. For the Utrecht Orientation Week, a programme will be made in cooperation with the HU University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Utrecht that fits within these frameworks. These parties will also consult with the student societies and general student organisations about a safe introduction.
Working at the office
Earlier this spring, we gave the green light to work in the office again for one day a week on average, in consultation with your faculty or department. This still applies. Only when the government's home working standard is abolished will there be more room to work in the office. In the government's opening plan, no date has been set for the abolition of this norm yet.
  • From 5 June onwards, fifty people may be present at indoor events (such as symposia, cultural events, team activities for employees). The 1.5-metre measure still applies and, of course, the room capacity must be sufficient.
  • For large-scale events with more than fifty people, the following applies for the time being: do not plan anything yet and do not make any commitments.
PhD defences and graduation ceremonies
  • From 5 June onwards, five guests may be present at PhD defences in the University Hall - with due observance of the 1.5-metre measure. Read more on the website.
  • If step 4 of the government's opening plan is implemented on 30 June, fifteen guests will be allowed at PhD defences from then on. This is the maximum room capacity in the University Hall within the 1.5 metre measure.
  • From September onwards, graduation ceremonies can be organised entirely on location again with a maximum group size of hundred people.
And then this...
Video: Marloes can go to lectures on campus again
It's so nice to be able to go to a lecture on campus again after a period of being alone in your room. In this video from the BackToCampus series, Marloes tells about it.

Also watch the stories of Joost, Gil, Lisa and Mireia.
  • Would you like to contribute to finding hidden infections? Then do a self-test regularly, even if you do not have any corona-related symptoms. You can easily order a free set of self-tests with your Solis-ID at
  • Are you travelling abroad for study or work? Travelling to areas with orange or red travel advice is still not allowed.
  • Can you use some help or guidance when working in these corona times? Then make use of corona coaching.
  • Live activities of Studium Generale will be open to a broader audience from 5 June onwards.
  • Want to watch butterflies in the Botanical Gardens? You can do so again from 5 June onwards.

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