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Dear reader,

If you are a regular visitor to Utrecht Science Park, you certainly have noticed a colourful change in the local scenery. We are proud to have the longest rainbow bike path in the world under our wheels! While waiting for the official opening in October, read about the background of the project on our website. The rainbow bike path is truly a happy note for closing this strange and complicated academic year. As Diversity Dean I look back at the year with a mixed feeling. On the one hand, we have had to cope with extraordinary circumstances that have made us all push ourselves to the limit in relying on online communication; on the other hand, it has been the first year of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programme, and we truly have made the most of exactly those online means to show the importance of what we stand for. For example, have a look at the We belong @UU film series on our website. And it is just one of the projects and activities we have realised this year. In the new academic year, there will be much more to follow. But first, I wish everyone a very good summer.

Janneke Plantenga
Diversity Dean
Rainbow bike path at Utrecht Science Park 
Thanks to an idea by University of Applied Sciences Utrecht student Elias van Mourik (22), the longest rainbow bike path in the world has been created in the Utrecht Science Park. With the rainbow bike path, Utrecht University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht UMC are drawing attention to the acceptance, equality and safety of all people from the LGBTQI+ community. Read more about the specific actions which Utrecht University is working on for students and staff from the LGBTQI+ community.
Black Lives Matter, one year later: ‘it’s not a momentum or a trend’
“There are qualities associated with dyslexia that people often underestimate.''
On 18 June, it was Neurodiversity Pride Day, a worldwide day to celebrate that every brain is unique. Utrecht University also paid attention to Neurodiversity Pride Day to ask for acceptance, inclusion and appreciation for staff members and students with, for instance, autism, ADD, ADHD and dyscalculia. Within the scope of this occasion, inclusion correspondent Myra-Lot Perrenet spoke with the students Laura Ruiters en Renate Bosman about studying with dyslexia.
Traces of slavery in Utrecht also visible at university
Last Thursday, 1 July, attention was paid to Keti Koti in various places. During Keti Koti, which means broken chains, the abolition of slavery is annually celebrated and commemorated. Like other well-known Dutch administrative and trading centres, the city of Utrecht was also closely involved in the slave trade and slavery. Cultural historian Nancy Jouwe has investigated what this involvement looked like for the Municipality of Utrecht. She carried out the research with two historians and students from the university. "We have worked with great dedication on this research and are also surprised ourselves by the many historical facts that have come to light. Utrecht is a city that is not associated by its inhabitants with colonial history, let alone a history of slavery. This research will certainly change that," says project leader Nancy Jouwe.
The African and Caribbean Heritage Network
The African and Caribbean Heritage Network (ACHN) was founded by a group of 6 Utrecht University students: ''We decided to start an initiative to bring people together and create a supportive space for students of African and
Caribbean heritage to feel seen, heard, and celebrated. Throughout our time in Utrecht, we found that we were missing a platform to share our cultures, experiences in the Netherlands and ways to connect with other African
and Caribbean people. We aim to fill this gap with our platform through social and educational activities such as guest lectures, Q&A sessions, and hopefully in the near future physical events. Additionally, we hope to educate and share knowledge with those interested in learning about African and Caribbean culture. All are welcome!''
Diversity & Inclusion Stimulation Fund welcomes applications
The UU EDI Office allocates € 25,000 on a yearly basis to support projects and activities that improve diversity and inclusion among students and employees. The Stimulation Fund has already supported a number of exciting initiatives. Do you have an idea for a project or activity that could use financial support? Take a look at the website for more information regarding the criteria and procedure and submit your application through
Upcoming activities and EDI calender 2021
7 September BLM@UBD: Dialogue session 1: ‘Racism, (why) is it about me?'
14 September All inclusive game (English)
23 September BLM@UBD: Dialogue session 2: 'Racism, what can I do about it?'
5 October Diversity Day
5 October Q&A meeting on the toolkit Diversity in education
5 October Launch of EDI website 
11 October Coming Out Day & opening rainbow bike path
11-15 October Week of Safety

Training courses
- Active bystander training
- Inclusive Leadership
- Diverse recruitment and selection
- Inclusive recruitment and hiring for Professors
- Working in a diverse environment – Dealing with differences at work
- Intercultural Awareness
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