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Website Posthumus Conference 2022 online now!
The N.W. Posthumus Institute is happy to present the website of the Posthumus Conference 2022, which will be held on 30 June-1 July 2022 and will be hosted by the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. On the website, next to practical info and the programme, you will find info about the Conference Hosts as well as the keynote of this event, Professor Deirdre McCloskey. The info on the website will be updated frequently, please check the website regularly.
Keynote lecture Posthumus Conference 2022 by Professor Deirdre McCloskey
The Conference Hosts at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication and the N.W. Posthumus Institute are proud to announce that the keynote lecture at the Posthumus Conference 2022 will be delivered by Professor Deirdre N. McCloskey. Professor McCloskey has been since 2015 UIC Distinguished Professor of Economics and is Professor Emerita of English and of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Trained at Harvard as an economist, she has written twenty-five books and edited seven more, and has published some four hundred articles on economic theory, economic history, philosophy, rhetoric, feminism, ethics, politics, gender studies, and law. She taught for twelve years in Economics at the University of Chicago, and describes herself now as a “postmodern, free-market, quantitative, literary, Episcopalian, feminist Aristotelian.”
Posthumus affiliate Selin Dilli receives NWO Veni Grant
Posthumus alumna and current member of the Education Committee of the N.W. Posthumus Institute Dr Selin Dilli (Utrecht University) was awarded a Veni Grant by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) for her project ‘The Missing Entrepreneurs? The Diversity of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe, 1900-2020’. Female entrepreneurship is not a recent phenomenon. Nevertheless, we still know little about the historical development of female entrepreneurship, let alone about the explanations behind it. This project will collect new comparable time-series data on female business-owners and innovators in Europe since 1900. Based on this evidence, it will demonstrate the factors that explain the change in female entrepreneurship. The N.W. Posthumus Institute congratulates Selin with this achievement!
Posthumus alumnus Michiel de Haas receives NWO Veni Grant
Posthumus alumnus Dr Michiel de Haas, currently assistant professor at the Rural and Environmental History Group of Wageningen University & Research was awarded a Veni Grant by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) for his project ‘A good crisis gone to waste? The 1930s Great Depression and primary export dependence in Africa’. Using colonial archives, newspapers, and historical statistics, Michiel studies the reactions of colonial administrators, farmers and workers in Central and East Africa to explain the impact of the Depression and its consequences for development. The N.W. Posthumus Institute congratulates Michiel with this achievement!
Call for papers: ESTER Research Design Course 2022 to be held in Lund, Sweden, 23-26 October 2022 - deadline abstracts 1 June 2022
The N.W. Posthumus Institute is happy to announce that the 2022 ESTER Research Design Course will be hosted by Lund University (Sweden) on 23-26 October 2022. The European graduate School for Training in Economic and social historical Research (ESTER) is a European platform for postgraduate teaching, involving over 60 universities throughout Europe and offering high-level research training for PhD candidates in an international context. Part of the ESTER programme is its annual Research Design Course (RDC) for economic and social historians.The call for applications is available from the event page (see button).
Farewell Seminar Dr Willem Jongman
On 19 May 2022, a one-day farewell seminar will be held in honour of Posthusmus Fellow Dr Willem Jongman, on Archaeology and Ancient and Comparative Economic History at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen. The programme will consist of a morning session on archaeology and an afternoon session on Comparative Economic History, two fields of research in which Wim was active as a teacher and researcher. The day will conclude with a lecture by Wim himself and a reception in the van Swinderen huys. The meeting will be hybrid; in case you want to attend in person, you are asked to register before 12 May 2022.
Oratie Professor Jelle van Lottum (Radboud Universiteit) 20 mei 2022 - registreer voor 9 mei
~ because of scope only in Dutch ~
Op 20 mei 2022 zal professor Jelle van Lottum, hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit / Faculteit der Letteren met de leeropdracht Geschiedenis van arbeidsmigratie in vergelijkend perspectief zijn ambt aanvaarden met het uitspreken van de rede Structuur en empathie: de geschiedenis van arbeidsmigratie naar Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief. Indien u deze oratie wilt bijwonen, dient u zich voor 9 mei 2022 aan te melden. De oratie zal ook per livestream te volgen zijn.
Save the date: Valedictory speech by Marjolein 't Hart (VU Amsterdam) on 1  June!
On 1 June 2022, Professor Marjolein ’t Hart (1955), Professor in the History of State Formation in Global Perspective at VU University Amsterdam and fellow of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, will deliver her valedictory speech, entitled ‘Inclusieve geschiedenis, kan dat? Een verhaal over een oorlog’ [‘Inclusive history, is it possible? A story about a war’]. More details will follow in due time, but do already save the date!
Valedictory speeches Professors Maarten Prak and Jan Luiten van Zanden on 15 June 2022
In September 1992, Maarten Prak and Jan Luiten van Zanden, both PhD fellows, took office as part-time professors of Economics and Social History at Utrecht University, sharing this chair. This experiment will come to an end on June 15, 2022, which will be marked by valedictory lectures in the Domkerk, Utrecht. More details will follow in due time, but we ask you to save this date in your schedule from 3 pm.
Save the date: Inaugural Lecture by Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (Utrecht University) on 8 Sept.
On 8 September 2022, Professor Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk, professor of Economic and Social History with the Department of Economic and Social History of Utrecht University, specialized in the history of labour relations, notably women’s and children’s work, and also member of the General Board of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, will deliver her inaugural lecture in Utrecht. More info will follow in due time, but please do save this date already!
COVID19-effects on Posthumus activities
Recently, in several countries restrictions related to the effects of the COVID-pandemic have been fully or partially lifted. However, COVID-pandemic and measures taken by governments and institutions may still affect activities organised by or in cooperation with the N.W. Posthumus Institute. We will keep our website updated on this, but in case of any uncertainties, contact the local organisers of the event.
  Posthumus Events
Call for papers – Symposium ‘Voices in the Justice System: Agency of Victims, Plaintiffs, Witnesses and the Accused in Global Perspective’ – extended deadline 15 May 2022
The research group Tolerant Migrant Cities? The Case of Holland 1600-1900 organises in collaboration with the N.W. Posthumus Institute a symposium on agency in the justice system in global perspective on 9 June 2022 at the International Institute of Social History (IISG) in Amsterdam. The organisers hope to open up the theme of crime and justice into a global perspective by focusing on how historians approach criminal justice sources to better understand the daily lives and agency of those who came into contact with various courts and legislations through time. The aim is to facilitate discussion and exchange of global sources and methodologies between historians from different networks and disciplines. This symposium is preceded on 8 June by a Masterclass by Professor Robert Shoemaker. Please register your attendance by 15th May 2022; if you wish to present your research as part of a concluding panel also send a brief abstract of ca. 300 words.
Masterclass ‘Crime and Justice in Historical Context: Theory, Methods and Perspectives’ by Prof. Robert Shoemaker
The research group of the project Tolerant Migrant Cities? The Case of Holland 1600-1900 in collaboration with the N.W. Posthumus Institute, in particular the Research Network ‘Inclusion, Exclusion, and Mobility’ are pleased to announce that they will be hosting a masterclass by Professor Robert Shoemaker (The University of Sheffield), on 8 June 2022 11:00 to 17:00 (lunch included) at the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. The deadline for papers has passed, but there are still a few spots available for non-presenting participants.
Workshop ‘A Tapestry of Rules: Institutions and Cloth Industries in Global Comparative Perspective, 1750-2000'
On 30 June and 1 July 2022, Dr Kate Frederick, affiliated with the Research Group Economic and Social History at Utrecht University and Professor Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk, General Board member of our institute, will organise the Workshop ‘Tapestry of Rules: Institutions and Cloth Industries in Global Comparative Perspective, 1750-2000’ at Utrecht University. This workshop specifically explores the role of formal and informal institutions – the social, economic, political, and cultural “rules of the game” – in influencing textile manufacturing in different world regions over time, with particular reference to the interlinking relationships between institutions and other explanatory variables.
Workshop ‘Globalisation and Long-Run Development in Asia and Africa (ca. 1800-2000)’
On 23 and 24 June 2022, members of the N.W. Posthumus Institute Research Network ‘Globalisation, Inequality and Sustainable Development in Long-Term Perspective’ will organise a workshop on the theme ‘Globalisation and Long-Run Development in Asia and Africa (ca. 1800-2000)’. Keynote speaker at this event will be Professor Deepak Nayyar, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. The workshop will be hosted by Wageningen University and Research. More info will follow in due time.
Expert Meeting 'Sport, Migration, Citizenship, ‘Race’ and National Identity: Towards a new research agenda'
  Other events
Online Studiemiddag Capital at Work in Antwerp’s Golden Age
~ because of scope, only in Dutch ~

Prof. dr. Hilde Greefs (Universiteit Antwerpen) en dr. Wouter Ryckbosch (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) laten in een online studiemiddag experts aan het woord over de onderzoekspaden die emeritus hoogleraar Hugo Soly opent met zijn publicatie Capital at Work in Antwerp’s Golden Age, en over de toekomst van het onderzoek naar de ‘Gouden Eeuw van Antwerpen’. Bevestigde sprekers zijn prof. dr. Joost Jonker (Universiteit van Amsterdam), prof. dr. Guido Marnef (Universiteit Antwerpen) en dr. Jeroen Puttevils (Universiteit Antwerpen), moderator is prof. dr. Oscar Gelderblom (Universiteit Antwerpen). Geïnteresseerden kunnen zich voor deelname aanmelden via de webpagina van de Universiteit van Antwerpen.
Historicidagen/Historians' Days 2022 - 'Grenzeloze Geschiedenis/History Beyond Borders'
From 25 until and including 27 August 2022, the annual Historicidagen/Historians' Days will be held in Rotterdam. The event showcases the many diverse and dynamic ways of doing history. Through a wide spectrum of lectures, debates and workshops, the Historians’ Days tackles issues and challenges on the frontline of historical research and public debates. Keywords of the conference include networking, inspiration, orientation, career and relaxation. The Historians’ Days 2022 evolve around the theme of History Beyond Borders, and actively promote diversity within participants, audience, program, stories, methods and presentations.
XIX World Economic History Congress (Paris, 25-29 July 2022
The 19th World Economic History Congress will be held in Paris on July 25-29, 2022. The Congress will address “resources” as one of the main challenges of the contemporary world. The Congress will comprise sessions on all the categories of resources, that is natural, material, immaterial and human (work and skill): water, air, energy, food products, raw materials, labour, capital, patents etc.The program will involve a large set of approaches in economic history including social history, urban and rural history, history or economics of finance, sciences and technologies, gender history, cultural history, etc. as well as crossovers with other disciplinary fields. The call for papers has already been closed, but registration as non-presenting participant is also possible. A participation fee applies.
Symposium 'Hansards in the World: Continuity and Discontinuity on the Intellectual, Cultural, and Economic Frontiers of the Early Modern Hanse'
Due to the effects of the covid pandemic, the symposium 'Hansards in the World: Continuity and Discontinuity on the Intellectual, Cultural, and Economic Frontiers of the Early Modern Hanse’, originally scheduled for January 2022 will now take place on the postponed dates 12 and 13 May 2022 at the University of Amsterdam. Hansards in the World gathers and promotes new histories of the Hanse, an association of European merchants and towns, and how they interacted with the wider world in the early modern period.
  Job positions
Full Professorship ‘Long-Run Economic Development’ (Utrecht University) – deadline 28 April 2022
Utrecht University is searching for a full professor on ‘Long-Run Economic Development’ as of 1 November 2022. The chair is part of the section of Economic and Social History (ESH) at the Department of History and Art History. The chair will be expected to play a prominent role in the multi- and interdisciplinary initiatives within the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies (IOS), which is one of four main research clusters at Utrecht University. An extensive description of tasks and requirements as well as a downloadable description of the position are to be found on the Academic Transfer application portal. Applications are due by 28 April 2022.
2 Postdoc positions ‘Lifting the Burden of Disease’ (Radboud University) – deadline 23 May 2022
These postdoctoral job opportunities are part of a project called ‘Lifting the Burden of Disease. The Modernisation of Health in the Netherlands: Amsterdam 1854-1926’. This project aims to understand the substantial improvements in life expectancy prior to the 1930s as a result of the decline of infectious diseases, and the principal determinants driving this development, based on individual-level cause-of-death registers for the city of Amsterdam between 1854 and 1926. Applications are due by 23 May 2022.
Postdoc ‘Colonial Entanglements and Long-term Legacies’ (Wageningen UR) – deadline 31 May 2022
Wageningen University & Research is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in the field of history in the project Colonial Entanglements and Long-term Legacies: Tracing the Footprints of Wageningen University in Indonesia and Suriname, 1876-present. The postdoc will investigate the activities, connections and legacies of Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in Indonesia and Suriname during and after the period of Dutch colonial rule. Applications are due by 31 May 2022.
2 Phd Positions ‘Environmental Histories of Resource Extraction in Africa’ (University of Groningen) – deadline 31 May 2022
Applications are invited for two fully funded, four-year PhD positions within the research project Environmental Histories of Resource Extraction in Africa: Understanding Cultural and Political Responses to Environmental Transformation, financed by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by Dr Iva Peša. Applications are due by 31 May 2022.
Fellowships voor BA/MA-studenten Brabantse Geschiedschrijving (BHIC, deadline 1 juni 2022)
~ because of scope, only in Dutch ~ Het Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) biedt fellowships aan voor recent afgestudeerde BA/MA-studenten. Een BHIC fellowship biedt de student de kans om tegen een vergoeding voor de duur van maximaal vijf maanden onderzoek te doen in de collectie van het BHIC, relevante werkervaring op te doen en een netwerk op te bouwen. BHIC zoekt momenteel twee fellows voor september 2022 t/m januari 2023; aanmeldingen dienen binnen te zijn uiterlijk 1 juni 2022.
  External calls
Call for Colloquia – KNIR (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome) – deadline 1 May 2022
The KNIR (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome) calls for proposals for colloquia. The KNIR organises up to three colloquia each year with no more than fifteen participants. These colloquia are closed, small-scale research meetings (expert meetings) in Rome, facilitated and funded by the KNIR. During these three-day intensive work conferences, early and mid-career scientists can strengthen their research profiles and boost their research. All university lecturers working at an NWIB university can apply for this. The selection of candidates focuses on the quality of the application, on motivation and on the relationship with KNIR, Rome and/or Italy. Applications are due by 1 May 2022.
Applications Niels Stensen Fellowship 2022 – deadline 1 May 2022
The aim of the Niels Stensen Fellowship is to encourage these talented young researchers by means of facilitating their academic research abroad. The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee would like to be introduced to candidates who have shown academic excellence as well as social commitment. The fellowship is open to all academic disciplines. Please note that nominations are to be submitted by professors and not by the candidates themselves. The 2022 nomination procedure is open to PhDs obtaining their PhD between 15 June 2021 and 15 June 2023, starting their research project between 1 January 2023 and 1 September 2023.
Call for Panels and Papers – 7th European Congress on World and Global History – deadline 31 May 2022
The 7th Congress of the European Network In Universal and Global History (ENIUGH) will be hosted by Leiden University on its campus in The Hague, UN City of Peace and Justice, from 29 June to 1st July 2023. Under the main congress theme ‘Conflict and Inequity, Peace and Justice: Local, Regional, and International Perspectives’, the aim of the 2023 conference is to discuss structural and specific causes of conflict and inequity as well as the corollary features of various quests for peace and justice. The organisers invite panels and papers to examine how historical narratives have been constructed around moments of peace and of conflict and to reflect on the long-term impacts of conflict and inequity in relation to processes of reconciliation and peace-making. Proposals should be submitted ultimately 31 May 2022.
Call for papers – Jaarcongres ‘Oorlog op afstand. De Lage Landen tussen neutraliteit en betrokkenheid’ – deadline abstracts 1 juni 2022
~ because of scope, only in Dutch ~

In december 2022 organiseert de werkgroep De Moderne Tijd haar jaarcongres. Het thema voor 2022 zal zijn ‘Oorlog op afstand. De Lage Landen tussen neutraliteit en betrokkenheid’. Papervoorstellen over binnen het congresthema passende onderwerpen zijn welkom. Belangstellenden kunnen een voorstel van max. 300 woorden en een (beknopte) biografische beschrijving indienen tot en met 1 juni 2022.
Call for Applications – NWA Wetenschapscommunicatie 2021/22 – deadline 15 juni 2022
~  because of scope, only in Dutch ~

Het doel van de call ‘NWA Wetenschapscommunicatie 2021-2022’ is om door goede wetenschapscommunicatie de verbinding tussen wetenschap en samenleving te versterken. Deze call is bedoeld voor projecten die zich richten op specifieke doelgroepen, bijvoorbeeld doelgroepen die niet vanzelfsprekend met wetenschap in aanraking komen en onvoldoende beeld hebben van wat wetenschap is en betekent voor de maatschappij. Aanvragen in deze call moeten ondersteund worden door een actief betrokken consortium en kunnen ingediend worden door wetenschappers of andere aanvragers verbonden aan universiteiten en hogescholen, TO2-instellingen, instituten en Rijkskennisinstellingen maar ook organisaties zonder winstoogmerk waaraan een aanvrager is verbonden en aanvragers verbonden aan (wetenschaps)musea die lid zijn van de Museumvereniging. De nu lopende ronde sluit op 15 juni 2022.
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  Image credits: Portrait of Prof. Deirdre McCloskey (c) by Taylor Emrey Glascock for New York Times; Image Symposium Hansards in the World: Hanse Sail 2011 - Fregatt-Vollschiff "Shtandart" by contributor yetdark (flickr; Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0)
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