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We are celebrating!
While we are all still enjoying a beautiful late summer, the start of the new academic year is already upon us and there is cause for celebration. On 1 September, the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning will celebrate its five-year anniversary, together with our partner TAUU, which will celebrate its ten-year anniversary! Of course we cannot let that pass unnoticed. From September to December, we will celebrate this special occasion with various activities, especially with the lustrum party on 13 October. I hope to meet many of you there, because CAT is all of us: lecturers, students, didactic and technological experts, support staff, policy staff and social partners. In short, everyone who is committed to or feels involved in UU education. In the coming academic year, we will once again be working hard to support lecturers in their work and development. Together, we will bring education to a higher level, realise educational innovations and strengthen the knowledge base about university education in the various disciplines. Is something missing from our programme offerings? Do you have any ideas? Let us know.

Manon Kluijtmans, Academic Director CAT
Peer Observation programme for teachers
Teaching is often done individually: what happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom. Would you like to take a look at another teacher's work? Or would you like another teacher to observe you in order to provide feedback? This is possible with the Peer Observation programme.
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Submit your proposal to the support fund Community Engaged Learning
Utrecht University wants to educate students that contribute to a better world and solving societal challenges. Are you a teacher and would you like more social engagement in your teaching? Start a collaboration with an external partner and develop your teaching. To help you get started, you can apply for a grant of the support fund for Community Engaged Learning (CEL).
Submit your teaching inquiry proposal now!
Future Learning Spaces requests
Do you want to use small-scale, engaging teaching or group work in your teaching for the coming academic year and do you need a Future Learning Space for this? The scheduling procedure of a Future Learning Space runs ahead of the reservation process of regular teaching rooms. For the second semester of academic year 2022-2023, requests for a Future Learning Space must be made before 16 September to the scheduling agents of your own faculty or via These spaces are available to all lecturers. More spaces will be added in the second semester of the coming academic year.
Teaching in English? Try these tips on using signposts and stimulating interaction in the classroom
News from the teaching community TAUU
From the Teaching and Learning Collection
A teacher’s guide for interdisciplinary orientation

Based on the booklet “Interdisciplinary Orientation; Learning to navigate beyond your discipline”, there is now a teacher’s guide to provide inspiration and to give suggestions for how to incorporate interdisciplinarity in your classroom. This guide can help with activity ideas that can provide students with an interdisciplinary orientation, provides suggestions to raise awareness, and helps to develop certain skills and attitudes.
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