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Save the date: Onderwijsparade 10 March 2022
Thursday 10 March 2022 the UU turns the spotlights on her education in the yearly Onderwijsparade (Education Parade). We will hear who will receive the coveted teacher of the year awards, and you can attend lectures and workshops on the theme Innovation and scholarship: driving force of our education. We will have to wait and see whether it will be online, hybrid or in the University Hall like we’re used to.
News from the teaching community TAUU
''Parents teaching at UU need institutional support''
The blog written by TAUU Council member Adrien Melquiond on how parents of young children are coping with difficult situations due to COVID-19, has received many responses. These responses showed that parents who teach at the university and have young children often face the same problems because of the pandemic. To create awareness for this issue and to call for action, the TAUU council sent a letter to the Executive Board, vice-deans, and the University Council.
Strengthen-your-education-week: 31 January - 4 February
The (already) 8th edition of the Strengthen-your-education-week is coming soon! In the week of 31 January to 4 February UU-lecturers can attend a number of workshops and lectures, aimed at strengthening your education. The Strengthen-your-education-week is organised twice a year.
Offering your course for students at several universities
As of November 23, students from the universities in the alliance TU/e, WUR, UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University can register for more than 60 courses from these partner universities. Students can enroll via the online platform This is now only possible for these institutions, but later this will be extended nationwide. The range of courses offered will also be further expanded; lecturers can register their courses for this.
Supervising Student Research more effectively
Supervising theses can be fun and inspiring, but also difficult and time-consuming. In this O&T-training we look at how you can optimise your approach so that the guidance is more effective and takes less time. You will work with questions like: what do I actually do, when, and how? And what are more effective ways of organising guidance, giving feedback and having conversations?
Why professionals don’t focus on ‘getting a good grade’
Professionals put precious free time into their development and do not look at grades, but at what they can achieve in practice with new knowledge. In a mixed classroom setting, this attitude encourages students to learn in a different way, according to educationalist Heleen van Ravenswaaij (BÈTA). She designed the mixed-classroom course TIC to TIC together with colleagues from FSW, GNK, GEO and REBO and shares her experience. Additionally, she gives tips on why education for professionals is a great opportunity to connect with the field.
The assessment of interdisciplinary education is no longer a hurdle
Assessment can be a hurdle for lecturers who are interested in interdisciplinary education. A shame, according to Biology lecturer Fred Wiegant. With the aid of colleagues and resources from the EMP (linked to the faculty USO) he made an assessment matrix that can help lecturers with assessing interdisciplinary skills of students.
From the Educational Database
- Test Analysis in Remindo - 9 December 2021
- Supervising Student Research more effectively - Start 10 January 2022
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