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Posthumus Conference 2023 to be held in Antwerp; CHANGED DATES!
We are happy that the 2023 Conference will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, the University of Antwerp being our conference host. Please note the dates of the conference have changed to 24 and 25 May 2023. As soon as more info will be available, this will be announced online, so keep an eye on the conference website
Posthumus PhD Cohort 2022 takes off
As the deadline for applications for the Basic PhD Training Programme of the N.W. Posthumus Institute has passed now, we are happy to announce that no less than 30 PhD candidates have joined our programme in the 2022 Cohort. The 2022 Cohort includes several students from the interdisciplinary SCOOP project as well as PhDs funded through the Volkswagen Stiftung. The N.W. Posthumus Institute welcomes all new students and wishes them a joyful and valuable Training Programme, which starts with Seminar I, 'My Research in a Nutshell', to be held at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on 1 and 2 December 2022.
Inaugural lecture Professor Jutta Bolt
On 4 November 2022, Professor Jutta Bolt, member of the General Board of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, will deliver her inaugural lecture as Professor in Global Economic History at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen, entitled ‘Living standards and wellbeing in Africa, an economic history perspective’. Registration for in person attendance is possible until 28 October 2022. The lecture will also be streamed online. For full info on both options, check the more info-button below.
Dr Frank Veraart receives grant NWO Open Competition
Dr Frank Veraart (Eindhoven University of Technology), one of the directors of the Posthumus Research Network ‘Globalisation, Inequality and Sustainability in Long-Term Perspective’, together with PIs Professor Jan-Pieter Smits (also Eindhoven University of Technology) and Professor Johan Schot (Utrecht University) (in cooperation with Wageningen University and Research, Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) and the SHT Institute for Transition Studies) was recently awarded funding by NWO in the Open Competition for the international project ‘Sustainability trade-offs in the Netherlands’ entangled modernisation, 1900-2020′. The N.W. Posthumus Institute congratulates Frank and his project partners with this grant.
Professor Erik van der Vleuten receives grant NWO Open Competition
Posthumus General Board member Professor Erik van der Vleuten (TUE), together with Professor Jacqueline Broerse and Dr Evelien de Hoop (both VU Amsterdam) and Professor Claiton M. da Silva (Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul, Brazil) was recently awarded funding by NWO in the Open Competition for the international 5-year project project ‘SOY STORIES: Connected sustainability histories and futures of the global Soyacene’. SOY STORIES combines expertise in sustainability history and transnational history on both sides of the Atlantic (Eindhoven History Lab Eindhoven University of Technology and UFFS, Brazil) with expertise in transdisciplinary research (TDR) for sustainable futures (Athena Institute, VU, NL). The N.W. Posthumus Institute congratulates Erik and his project partners with this grant
Publicatie van em. prof. dr. Marjolein 't Hart over oorlog, ongelijkheid en de Gouden Eeuw
~ because of scope, in Dutch only ~
Op zaterdag 29 oktober a.s. om 15.00 uur in Boekhandel Blokker, Binnenweg 138 te Heemstede, vindt de presentatie plaats van het boek Oorlog en Ongelijkheid. Een inclusieve geschiedenis van de Gouden Eeuw, verschenen bij Uitgeverij Boom Amsterdam van Posthumus fellow emerita professor Marjolein ’t Hart. Niet eerder is verklaard waarom vooral de Hollandse economie van de oorlog heeft geprofiteerd. Oorlog en ongelijkheid doet dat wel. Door systematisch te laten zien dat de glorie vele schaduwzijden kende, presenteert Marjolein ’t Hart de eerste inclusieve geschiedenis van de Gouden Eeuw. Roelof van Gelder, historicus en vroeger redacteur Boeken van de NRC, zal een vraaggesprek met haar houden.
2021 Annual Report N.W. Posthumus Institute available
The staff of the N.W. Posthumus Institute kindly presents to you the Annual Report 2021. This report provides a detailed insight in the activities and achievements of the N.W. Posthumus Institute over 2021.
Save the date: Inaugural lecture Professor Hilde Bras
On 26 May 2023, Professor Hilde Bras, Professor of Economic and Social History with special attention to Global Demography and Health at the History Department of the University of Groningen, will deliver her inaugural lecture. More details will follow in due time, but do already save the date!
COVID19-effects on Posthumus activities
Although in most cases restrictions related to the effects of the COVID-pandemic have been fully or partially lifted. However, COVID and measures taken by governments and institutions may still affect activities organised by or in cooperation with the N.W. Posthumus Institute. We will keep our website updated on this, but in case of any uncertainties, contact the local organisers of the event.
  Posthumus Events
Masterclass by Professor Kapil Raj (deadline applications 4 November 2022)
On 7 December 2022, the day after delivering the Annual Terra Incognita Lecture at Leiden University, Professor Kapil Raj will lead a masterclass at the Leiden University Institute of History. The masterclass, open to a maximum of 12 Posthumus participants, is intended to generate discussions about the natural environment among researchers working on different aspects of history. Participants are invited to reflect on how their research may be related to nature, the processes of knowledge production or global networks of knowledge exchange. To apply for this masterclass, Posthumus PhD students, should submit a 300-word abstract of their research, as well as a piece of data relevant to the theme of the masterclass to the organises ultimately 4 November 2022.
Call for papers Datini-ESTER Advanced Seminar 2023: ‘Economic Exchanges’ – EXTENDED deadline abstracts 15 November 2022
Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini” and the European School for Training in Economic and Social Historical Research (ESTER) will organise their sixth jointly-organized Datini-ESTER Advanced Seminar for economic and social historians on 14-20 May 2023, in Prato (Italy) on the theme of “Economic Exchanges”. The topic of the seminar is closely related to the theme of the congress organized yearly by the “F. Datini” International Institute of Economic History, which in 2023 is devoted to ‘Alternative Currencies. Commodities and Services as Exchange Currencies in the Monetarized Economies of the 13th to 18th Centuries’. Abstracts for the 2023 edition are due by 15 November 2022 (extended deadline). If accepted for participation, the final paper will be due on 15 March 2023.
  Other events
Maddison Lecture Professor William Easterly – ‘Western Development Efforts: Altruism vs Self-Interest (Groningen, 27 October 2022)
On 27 October 2022, the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) organises the Maddison Lecture at the University of Groningen. This year’s lecture will be delivered by Professor William Easterly, Professor of Economics at New York University and Co-director of the NYU Development Research Institute. The Maddison lectures have been organised since 2011. The aim of these lectures is to bring leading scholars from around the world to Groningen to present on major topics of economic growth and development in a historical and comparative perspective, thus following the footsteps of Angus Maddison, who laid the foundations of research in this discipline at our university. The event is sponsored by the GGDC and by the SOM Research School of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The event is freely accessible.
Lecture Professor Beat Kumin – 'Managing Memory through Tower Ball Deposits in the German Lands' (Brussels, 10 November 2022)
A day before Professor Beat Kümin’s Masterclass at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Professor Kümin will deliver a public lecture there, entitled ‘”To dear posterity”: Managing Memory through Tower Ball Deposits in the German Lands’. Beat Kümin is Professor of Early Modern European History at the University of Warwick’. He serves as an academic lead of Warwick’s interdisciplinary Global Research Priority on Food and coordinates the Warwick Network for Parish Research.
Terra Incognita Lecture by Professor Kapil Raj – 'Circulation as Relational History' (Leiden, 6 December 2022)
On 6 December 2022, the day before Professor Kapil Raj’s masterclass at the Institute for History at Leiden University, Professor Raj will deliver the Annual Terra Incognita Lecture, entitled ‘Circulation as Relational History’. This lecture will be open to all interested. Professor Kapil Raj, Research Professor at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, is an historian who writes on intercultural interactions and the making of scientific knowledge and the global dimensions of local knowledge production.
IASC2023 Conference ‘The Commons We Want: Between Historical Legacies and Future Collective Actions’ (Nairobi, Kenya, 19-24 June 2023)
The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) will be holding its 2023 Conference in Nairobi, Kenya from 19-24 June 2023. The theme of IASC2023 will be 'The commons We Want: Between Historical Legacies and Future Collective Action'. The conference provides a much-needed link to future-oriented research and practice perspective with a look back, since many legal and structural legacies predetermine possible development pathways. This reflection shall help to position the commons debate in the context of the Agenda 2030 and contribute to making the transformation towards the SDGs a more commons-oriented and participatory endeavor.
  Job positions
  PhD Position SOY STORIES project (VU Amsterdam) – deadline 28 October 2022 or until vacancy has been filled

PhD Position SOY STORIES project (Eindhoven University of Technology) – deadline 28 October 2022 or until vacancy has been filled

Postdoc position ‘The historical and transnational dimensions of sustainability challenges’ (VU Amsterdam) – deadline 28 October 2022 or until vacancy has been filled

Two 3-year 2023 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in History (University of Cambridge) – deadline 28 October 2022

Assistant Professor in Public History of Slavery (University of Amsterdam) – deadline 31 October 2022

University Lecturer Colonial and Global History (Leiden University) – deadline 31 October 2022

PhD position ‘The role of Utrecht University Geosciences in the Dutch colonial and postcolonial order’ (Utrecht University) – deadline 1 November 2022

Redactie-assistent BMGN - Low Countries Historical Review – deadline 13 November 2022

Onderzoeksondersteuner onderzoeksgroep HOST (Vrije Universiteit Brussel ) – deadline 14 november 2022

PhD Position STONEM project (Eindhoven University of Technology) – deadline 20 November 2022

PhD position STONEM-project (Utrecht University) – deadline 5 December 2022
  Call for papers ‘Social Mobility in pre-industrial societies: tendencies, causes and effects (13th-18th c.)’ – deadline 1 November 2022  
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