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Professional development for lecturers: where do you find it?
Utrecht University offers lecturers a large range of options for educational development, for instance, courses and workshops, but also programmes and online modules. The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT) would like to bring these offerings together and make them easier to find. Do you have any tips? We would like to hear them! You can be of great help to us by answering 7 simple questions in our survey. Please do so before 5 November. Participation is anonymous.
New intranet page Interdisciplinary Education Programme
The Interdisciplinary Education Programme (IDO) is launching an intranet page dedicated to interdisciplinarity. Here you will find information about how we at UU define interdisciplinarity, its relevance to society and the academy, and what ambitions UU has for interdisciplinarity. You will also find links to relevant articles, tools and examples of interdisciplinary education. For example, you will find an informative animation, developed by the programme to introduce interdisciplinarity to students and faculty. The intranet page is frequently updated and expanded, so take a look regularly.
Podcasts in your education, how to do it
Innovation tools
Submit your proposal to the support fund Community Engaged Learning
Utrecht University wants to educate students that contribute to a better world and solving societal challenges. Are you a lecturer and would you like more social engagement in your education? Start a collaboration with an external partner and develop your education. To help you get started, you can apply for a grant of the support fund for Community Engaged Learning (CEL). The application deadline is 1 november.
Workshops recognition and rewards for leadership staff
Are you enthusiastic about recognition and rewards? Or are you rather sceptical about it? Do you already apply it in your practice? To familiarise all UU leadership staff, both WP and OBP, with recognition and rewards, the UU offers a two-day workshop. The workshop revolves around what you need as a leader to get started with recognition and rewards.
CAT 2021 annual review is online
The Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT) 2021 annual review is online. For the first time, this overview also includes highlights from our CAT-partners. You can find the overview online on the CAT website.
News from the teaching community TAUU
From the Teaching and Learning Collection
Educational Theme: Interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinarity in academic contexts, and more specifically interdisciplinary education at Utrecht University, has gained increasing attention in the last decades. University Colleges were founded, broad bachelor programmes arose across faculties and interdisciplinary minors and courses are becoming more and more popular among students.
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