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Message from the board
As we put the winter season behind us, we look ahead to a bright year full of collaboration and inspiration. With new members on board, the CCSS Daily Board already had two fruitful meetings this year. We are also very happy that Amy van der Ham has joined us as the management/office assistant, and Prof. Bas van Bavel from Humanities and Prof. Erik Stam from Law, Economics and Governance have joined our Advisory Board.

Two new masterclasses are scheduled for 2023, one by Dr. Phillip P.A. Staniczenko and one by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bouchaud. The Summer School on Introduction to Complex Systems will take place in August 2023 and will be coordinated by Dr. Swinda Falkena. Up to the Summer we have scheduled a number of interesting seminars within the theme 'Transitions to a Sustainable Society' and the Young Complexity Researchers add a number of other activities as well.

Collaboration and participation are what drives the CCSS community. We invite all of you who haven’t signed up for CCSS membership yet to join us! There are three memberships to choose from: Associate Member for UU permanent scientific staff, Junior Member for UU temporary scientific staff, and External Member for non-UU scientific staff who have an ongoing joint project with our members at UU. More information on CCSS memberships, please check here.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon (again) in the CSSS.

The Daily Board of the CCSS
Meet CCSS Board member Wioletta Ruszel
One of our new Board members is Wioletta Ruszel, Associate Professor of Mathematics. Her research focuses on random interacting particle systems and critical phenomena, in which complexity is an intrinsically important component. Becoming a CCSS Board member offers a great opportunity to support both the scientific complex systems community, as well as students, says Wioletta. Learn more about Wioletta's research and views as a Board member on the CCSS website.
Two MasterClasses have been planned in 2023
The CCSS MasterClass is a series of lectures on a specific topic of Complexity Science given by a leading expert in the field, which is generously supported by one of our UU alumni Laurens Gaarenstroom.

  • June 5-7: "Ecological Networks - Mapping the Tangled Bank" given by Dr. Phillip P.A. Staniczenko (City University of New York)
  • October 9 -10: "Collective Effects and Crises in Socio-Economic Systems" given by Prof. Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (Capital Fund Management)
Summer School 2023: Introduction to Complex Systems (21-25 August)
Swaantje Mondt Fund 2022: A retrospective
Reopen: Swaantje Mondt travel fund call 2023-2024 for PhD candidates
Are you a PhD candidate at UU or outside NL who is currently working on complexity research? Would you like to visit a foreign research institute or the CCSS in NL to further develop your research skills? The Swaantje Mondt Fund will provide you a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and develop new research skills on complexity with max. €2500/research visit.
Deadline: June 11th 2023, 23:59 hrs
Key conditions:
  • The research of the applicant should focus on complexity research from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • The applicant is a PhD candidate either (co-)supervised/invited by at least one of the CCSS Associate Members.
  • The length of the visit should be at least one month.

18 April  Young Complexity Researchers’ Lunch (YCRL) #8: Cold-water corals: will they move up when they can’t move down?, by Anna van der Kaaden

20 April  CCSS Meeting #56: Economics and Governance of Technological Innovation, by Prof. Floor Alkemade

25 May  CCSS Societal Discussion #14: The Generative Revolution in the Age of Complexity, by Dr. Ton Jörg 

5-7 June  CCSS Masterclass on Ecological Networks - Mapping the Tangled Bank, by Dr. Phillip Staniczenko

8 June  CCSS Meeting #57, by Dr. François Lafond
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