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  At the start of this academic year, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT). After those five years, it is time for a fresh new image for the CAT, that once again focuses on the teacher interaction. You will come across the image in the header of this newsletter, on our website and on our Twitter account.  
Kick-off event of the Pathways to Sustainability community on 6 March
With great pleasure, the Pathways to Sustainability community Sustainability Education and Engagement invites you to its kick-off event on 6 March from 15:00-17:00 in Utrecht, followed by drinks. There will be two keynote speakers: Prof Dr Henrik von Wehrden, sustainability dean at Leuphana University, will talk about Leuphana's innovative approach to sustainability education, and the second keynote (to be confirmed) will be on public engagement. Prof Tine Béneker, vice-dean of Education at the Faculty of Geosciences, will open the meeting. We are curious to hear your ideas, and those of your students, who are also welcome to attend, on the future of sustainability education at UU.
Innovation tools
Two new tools available UU-wide: Rationale and Comproved

Teachers who have a plan to innovate their teaching can start an innovation project. After successful pilots, two tools were recently approved and made available to all UU-teachers: Rationale helps to create reasoning diagrams, which students can use to structure large amounts of information and complex reasoning, and Comproved structures comparisons that allow comparative assessment. Please read the experiences of teacher Stephanie Kruiper (see image) with Comproved. Would you like to get started with these tool(s) yourself? Please contact or come to the information session on Wednesday 1 February.
The Future is now; how can we make better use of existing teaching spaces?
As part of the Future Learning Spaces project, we are developing innovative educational spaces in collaboration with teachers and students, such as the Hybrid Active Learning Classroom. Users are positive about these innovative spaces and would like to make more use of them. However, for now there are only 5 of these learning spaces. How can we make better use of the current learning spaces? What are your experiences? Which adjustments would you suggest and what could you do yourself? Please join the lunch meeting, organised with the Co-Creation Community, in the Learning Plaza (Minnaertgebouw), to brainstorm about this. Register by contacting or just come by.
Seven Community Engaged Learning educational projects honoured with funding
This year, seven new courses have been awarded a grant from the Community Engaged Learning programme. The grants were awarded to promote education in which students, teachers and external partners work together on societal issues. Two of the awarded projects, for example, focus on working with refugees on language modules, and helping to stop the growth of stray cat colonies. Read more about these and the other courses being (re)developed with help from the CEL Support Fund.
Annual conference EWUU alliance 19 april
On 19 April, the 2023 annual conference of the strategic alliance EWUU will take place in Wageningen. This year's theme will be: Crossing boundaries for a healthy and sustainable future. How can we restore planetary health by collaboration in science and education? You are cordially invited to contribute your own expertise and knowledge to this discussion.
News from the teaching community TAUU
From the Teaching and Learning Collection
Motivation in students, what do students themselves think?

Motivation sometimes seems to be the magic word in education. Besides the scientific studies conducted on this topic, teachers also ponder this topic on a daily basis. But what do students themselves think about this? Students Luna van Hofslot and Maartje Orsel wrote an article about this with practical tips for teachers. The article emerged from a session of UU's Student think tank.
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