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Register now for the Onderwijsparade - 10 March 2022 – Innovation and scholarship: driving force of our education
Shortlisted candidates Teacher Awards 2022 announced
Utrecht University has awarded the so-called Teacher Awards since 1994, to encourage academic teachers to continuously improve their teaching and to show them appreciation. The Teacher Awards consist of the Teacher Talent Award, for academic teaching who have recently started, and the Outstanding Teacher Award, for those teachers with upwards of five years’ teaching experience. Three lecturers were nominated for both categories this year. Criteria include the educational vision of the lecturer, the creation of student interaction and the students’ learning experience.
Register now: Interdisciplinary Education Programme
Are you interested to broaden your experience with interdisciplinary courses or learning activities? Or do you want to set up an interdisciplinary course, minor or programme? This interdisciplinary education programme offers didactic tools and a broad network of colleagues for teachers who are (or want to become) involved in interdisciplinary education in various context. The programme will be given in English. Register before 15 February 2022.
Call for prosals - EPIC: On the digital transformation in higher education
Are you an educational innovator? Are you pioneering innovative technology in your education? Then EPIC is for you! EPIC is the Educational Pioneers and Innovators Conference. EPIC is aimed at sharing and accelerating innovative practices in higher education worldwide. What digital transformations in higher education are currently taking place? What are the global trends in technology-enhanced innovation in higher education? The conference will take place on 30 & 31 May, and 1 June 2022. Would you like to provide a session at EPIC? The call for proposals is now open!
News from the Senior Fellows
Gönül Dilaver new Degree director Biomedische wetenschappen
Now open: call Big questions in higher education
The call 'Big questions in higher education' stimulates practice-based research on questions relevant to the entire higher education sector in the Netherlands. The call is now open. The procedure for the research programme Big questions in higher education 2021 consists of three phases. In phase 1, project leaders are selected. The deadline for submitting letters of intent is 8 February 2022.
Grant OCW: Virtual International Cooperation Projects
With the Virtual International Cooperation Projects grant, universities of applied sciences and universities can give Dutch students the opportunity to gain international experience from the Netherlands. The grant is intended for lecturers and educational experts. With the grant, they can design, develop and implement a virtual international cooperation project or review it. Are you interested but do you want more information first? Then sign up for the online VIS information session on 1 February from 5 to 6.30 pm. You can register by sending an email to: Mention your name, institution, mail address and telephone number.
News from the teaching community TAUU
Centre for Academic Teaching changes to: Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning
The Centre for Academic Teaching (abbreviated to CAT) has rapidly become a familiar name in the UU. Following an extensive and successful internal and external review of the Centre, carried out and completed in 2021, it was decided to add the term 'learning' to the name. After all, learning is the goal around which all activities for the teacher and the education ultimately revolve. It is also consistent international practice to include Teaching and Learning as a single term in the name of similar centres.
From the Educational Database
The Westerveld Framework for interprofessional feedback

To foster feedback engagement, an essential task for educators is supporting learners in receiving, making sense of, and using feedback information. Giving feedback information (by peers, colleagues, and faculty), should facilitate that same understanding and actionability. Dialogue – the ongoing exchange of ideas and information – can be a vehicle for this process, especially in practice settings, where the roles of giver and user of feedback information can swiftly and dynamically alternate. The Westerveld framework contains feedback dialogue principles for both the user-, and giver side of this dynamic process represented by seven central criteria.
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