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Register for a workshop in December
Save the date! OnderwijsFestival 9 March 2023
ISSOTL conference 2023 in Utrecht!
From the Teaching and Learning Collection
Share your experiences with the Teaching and Learning Collection

The Teaching and Learning Collection offers teachers all kinds of knowledge they can use in their teaching, such as learning activities and knowledge items. The collection has now been in existence for 3.5 years and in order to map out how it is currently used, which parts are frequently visited and, above all, what the users' wishes are, a survey was drawn up. We would like to use the results of the survey to continue improving the collection and to meet users' needs as much as possible. We would appreciate it if you would fill in this short survey! It will take about 5-10 minutes.
Community Engaged Learning course: registration open for teachers
The first edition of the Community Engaged Learning (CEL) course will start in February 2023. The course aims to support teachers in teaching CEL. In 7 sessions, you will discuss the characteristics of CEL, what collaboration with community partners can look like and work on (further) developing your own course. Would you like to learn more about CEL and get practical tools for implementation? Then read on and register for the course.
Lunch, Learn & Connect: Didactics for Continuing Education
CHARM-EU Conference 13-14 December
CHARM-EU is organising a conference on 13 and 14 December. The conference will focus on the impact of European university alliances and participants will look ahead to the future of European higher education. CHARM-EU, founded in 2019 by five European universities including Utrecht University, is a successful example of cooperation in European higher education. The conference takes place in Barcelona; some plenary sessions are also available online. Interested parties are welcome to attend.
Guiding without taking over: how do you supervise students in their research?
As many as 36 nominations for Teacher Awards
To stimulate lecturers to continuously improve their teaching and reward their education, Utrecht University has granted the annual Teaching Awards. Teachers that are starting out can be nominated for the Teacher Talent Award, and senior teachers for the Outstanding Teacher Award. This year, as many as 36 teachers have been nominated by the student associations, two more than last year. Are you curious who will win this year's awards? The winners will be announced on 9 March during the OnderwijsFestival.
News from the teaching community TAUU
Encourage student mobility: offer your course on EduXchange
The alliance TU/e, WUR, UU and UMCU (EWUU) is working on the further development of EduXchange in the student mobility project. On this platform, UU lecturers can offer their courses so that WUR and TU/e students can easily register for them. Are you a teacher and do you sometimes think: 'My course could also be interesting for students from other universities'? Please read more about the EduXchange platform
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