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Inspiration for your teaching? Participate in the Strengthen Your Education Week 2022
The next winter edition will take place from 31 January to 4 February 2022. The week starts with a keynote on how the Westerveld framework can help you optimise feedback processes. And do you want to know everything about the new Video Platform UU, which allows you to easily record, edit and share knowledge clips with students? Or how to monitor your students' well-being? Learn more about how to evaluate your teaching? These are just a few examples of the total offer.
Students nominate 34 teachers for UU Teaching Awards
To stimulate teachers to continually invest in their teaching and to reward their education, Utrecht University has granted the annual Teaching Awards since 1994. Teachers that are starting out can be nominated for the Teacher Talent Award, senior teachers for the Outstanding Teacher Award.
Satisfaction is no criterion for teaching quality
In a new statement entitled “Concerns and recommendations on the use of student satisfaction in measuring teaching quality” the League of European Research Universities (LERU) warns against the common practice to use student satisfaction surveys for the assessment of university teachers or as a criterion for evaluating teaching quality. Instead, one should focus on different components of teaching and learning, including the students’ perception of various aspects of the teaching-learning environment. CAT director Manon Kluijtmans co-wrote: “Student satisfaction does NOT equal educational quality. Hence crucial to assess academic teaching through a narrative underpinned with a broad spectrum of indicators.”
'Call for Proposal' corona-achterstanden bij studenten
The Dutch government has allocated funds to Utrecht University to repair corona deficits among students. This involves both academic and social disadvantages. If you have a project that can contribute to solving these issues, it is possible to submit a request for financial support.
"I was given the time and space to develop a course for professionals.”
Online webinars and workshops for teachers
This November, a university-wide team has been established that aims to create a vision, IT infrastructure, and support system concerning Learning Analytics projects. If you as a teacher/researcher are working on a learning analytics project, we would love to hear from you (Anouschka van Leeuwen). Another related development is that Utrecht University has become an Institutional Member in the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR), meaning that all UU-employees can become individual SoLAR members for free and can get a discount on attending the LAK-conference. To become a member, go to the website, select individual membership, and enter the following code: 2022-utrecht.
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From the Educational Database
Top 5 most visited items in the Educational Database in 2021

What items were the most frequently viewed in the Educational Database this year? First up is "Learning Objectives and Bloom's Taxonomy" (2,951 page views). Here are the top 5!
1. Leerdoelen en de taxonomie van Bloom (Dutch only)
2. Learning activities (overzicht)
3. Motivatie bij studenten (Dutch only)
4. Toolbox Diversity in Education
5. Ontwikkelen van een curriculum (Dutch only)

The average time on the site is over 4.5 minutes. Articles are therefore well read and this undoubtedly benefits the improvement of education. So Bloom's article on learning objectives is popular. After setting learning objectives, the next step is to check whether they are being met. Take a look at the item about test forms (in Dutch only) []. Three items from the top 5 are currently only available in Dutch. Translating these items is high on our action list for next year! If you have any tips, ideas and/or questions, please send an e-mail to:
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