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Ewout Frankema appointed as new chair
The General Board of the N.W. Posthumus Institute is glad to announce that Professor Ewout Frankema. has been appointed as new Chair of the General Board of the N.W. Posthumus Institute. The board also expresses its thanks to Hilde Greefs who has fulfilled this position successfully over the past years. Ewout Frankema is professor and chair of Rural and Environmental History at Wageningen University and research fellow of the UK Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). His research agenda focuses on a deeper understanding of the long-term comparative economic development of developing regions (Africa, Latin America, Asia) and the historical origins and nature of present-day global inequality.
In memoriam: Prof. dr. Joh. de Vries (1927-2021)
On 13 October 2021 prof. dr. Joh. (Hans) de Vries deceased at the age of 94. Professor De Vries has been professor of Economic History in Tilburg for 25 years and has been regarded in the Netherlands as a pioneer in a scientific approach of business history. In 1992 he retired as Professor, and in 2012 he bade, in his own words, a 'final farewell' to science at a symposium organised in his honor by the Stichting Bedrijfsgeschiedenis [Foundation for Business History]. Read a full in memoriam [in Dutch] by his former colleague Dr Cees de Voogd on our website.
SAVE THE DATE! Posthumus Conference 2022 scheduled for 30 June-1 July, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The N.W. Posthumus Institute is happy to announce its 2022 Conference, which is scheduled for 30 June-1 July 2022 and will be hosted by the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Posthumus Conference is an annual event, which combines presentations by Posthumus PhDs in an advanced stage of the PhD programme with Research Network meetings and lectures by prominent scholars within the field of Economic and Social History. More info on the thematic setting and the program details will follow in due time, please check the website regularly.
Successful ESTER Research Design Course in Lisbon
On 18-20 October 2021, the ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management hosted the 2021 ESTER Research Design Course (RDC). Organisers Professor Nuno Valério, Dr Leonor Freire Costa, Dr Susana Münch Miranda (all ISEG), in cooperation with Dr Rogier van Kooten (N.W. Posthumus Institute) successfully welcomed PhD students from a wide range of European universities to this RDC, which because of COVID was held in a hybrid format. The RDC is a format promoted by ESTER since the late 1990s and assists PhD candidates in setting up a high quality and well-designed plan for their dissertation under the guidance of a team of leading senior researchers whose task it is to provide comments and feedback.
COVID19-effects on Posthumus activities
Unfortunately, the world is still confronted with the effects of the COVID-pandemic. Due to the current situation in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other countries, the COVID-pandemic and measures taken by governments and institutions may also affect activities organised by or in cooperation with the N.W. Posthumus Institute. We will keep our website updated on this, but in case of any uncertainties, contact the local organisers of the event you want to attend.
  Posthumus Events
CANCELLED/POSTPONED: Lecture and Master Class by Professor Kapil Raj (Leiden, 22-23 November)
Due to the current COVID situation, the lecture and masterclass by Kapil Raj, Professor of the History of Science at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, orginally scheduled for 22 and 23 November had to be cancelled for those dates. Organisers Melinda Susanto and Neilabh Sinha, affiliated with the “Routes and Roots in Colonial and Global History” network of N.W. Posthumus Institute, will seek for new opportunities for these events, based on the theme “Natural knowledge: data, objects, and persons in global knowledge networks”. Any new dates for these events will be announced via the website of the N.W. Posthumus Institute.
CHANGED: Seminar 'My Project in a Nutshell' online
Due to the current COVID-developments, the staff of the NW. Posthumus Institute and the organisers of the first PhD-Seminar of the 2021 PhD Cohort of the Posthumus PhD Basic Training Programme had to decide to change this seminar into an online event. This seminar provides a forum to present initial ideas and get feedback from both other starting researchers and Posthumus fellows.
  Other events
Workshop 'Politics and Consumption’
On 11 and 12 February 2022, the Centre for Urban History, the Centre for Political History, and the N.W. Posthumus Institute will jointly organise the two-day workshop ‘Politics and consumption in the modern age: New research perspectives’ at the Stadscampus of the University of Antwerp. This workshop aims to reunite scholars who empirically investigate what we broadly define as ‘politics of consumption’ in core as well as peripheral European regions and the Atlantic world encompassing several time periods ranging from the early-modern era until the present day.

Workshop 'Languages of Consumption'
On 3 and 4 February 2022, the Universities of Antwerp and Basel will jointly co-host the Workshop 'Languages of Consumption in the 18th and 19th Centuries' in Basel Switzerland, aimed at fostering knowledge of the languages of consumption in this era of critical transitions. It will do so by bringing together and discussing new perspectives across a broad range of languages and regions, also welcoming contributions beyond the Atlantic World.
WS '"Passanten" and preindustrial migration'
In the invitational hybrid workshop ‘“Passanten” and transient migration in preindustrial Europe and beyond’, to be hosted by the University of Warwick on 26 November 2021, participants will explore the concept of passanten and its different iterations in history, discussing the meaning of and changes in transient migration in early modern European cities and parishes and beyond.
WS ‘Methods & data for longitudinal analysis ICAs’
The Research Group ‘Institutions for Collective Action’ at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam organises a specialised workshop dedicated to the study of institutions for collective action (ICAs), or institutional arrangements that are formed by groups of people in order to overcome certain common problems over an extended period of time by setting certain rules regarding access to the group (membership), use of the resources and services the group owns collectively, and management of these resources and services.
Congres ‘Veerkracht! Wegen uit de crisis, 1780-1940’ (Amsterdam, 3 dec.) - registreer voor 26 november
Op 3 december vindt in de Doelenzaal van de Universiteitsbibliotheek het congres Congres ‘Veerkracht! Wegen uit de crisis, 1780-1940’. Op dit congres, georganiseerd door Werkgroep De Moderne Tijd, staat de vraag centraal hoe veerkracht tot uiting kwam in Nederland en Vlaanderen in de periode 1780-1940, bezien vanuit een multidisciplinair perspectief. Voor het congres gelden specifieke covid-maatregelen, belangstellenden kunnen zich tot 26 november aanmelden.
  PhD Promotions
Promotion Nynke van den Boomen (Radboud University)
On 24 November 2021, Posthumus-participant Nynke van der Boomen defended her thesis 'Born close to death. Region, Roman Catholicism and infant mortality in the Netherlands, 1875-1899' at Radboud University. Promotors were Professor Angelique Janssens and Professor Theo Engelen.
2 PhD and 2 Postdoc positions (Wageningen University and Research)
The Rural & Environmental History Group of Wageningen University advertises 4 positions (2 fully-funded PhD positions and 2 Postdoc positions) to form a team in a large research project funded by the Dutch Science Foundation and supervised by prof. Ewout Frankema: South-South Divergence. Comparative Histories of Regional Integration in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa since 1850. Deadline: 28 Nov.
2-3 Student-assistenten onderzoek recente geschiedenis werk en vakbondsarchieven (KNAW Humanities Cluster)
Het KNAW Humanities Cluster, een samenwerkingsverband tussen het IISG, het Huygens Instituut en het Meertens Instituut, zoekt voor onderzoek naar de recente geschiedenis van werk en vakbondsarchieven 2-3 Student-Assistenten (0,2-0,4 fte) per 1 februari 2022. Deadline: 31 november 2021.
PhD position on 'The historical development of gender occupational segmentation and stereotyping of medical specializations, 1950-2020'
The Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University is looking for a candidate (1.0 fte) for a PhD project titled 'The historical development of gender occupational segmentation and stereotyping of medical specializations, 1950-2020. Deadline: 7 January 2022.
PhD Position 'A historical lens on family firms and gender equality in the Netherlands, 1900-2020' (Utrecht University)
The Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University is looking for a PhD candidate (1.0 FTE) for a project titled 'A historical lens on family firms and gender equality in the Netherlands, 1900-2020'. Deadline: 7 January 2022.
  External calls
Development of Program and Seminar Series
The UU-TUe-WUR Strategic Alliance has undertaken a project to develop a research program on Deep Transitions, focusing on boosting the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive society, based on a long-term analysis of past, present and future explorations. Together with their societal partners from a range of private and public sector organisations, the organisers would like to implement this program in Spring 2022, and also to invite you to contribute to the development of the research program.
Calls open for WEHC 2022
The 19th World Economic History Congress will be held in Paris, France on 25-29 July 2022. WEHC 2022 will address “resources” (natural, material, immaterial and human (work and skills)) as one of the main challenges of the contemporary world. Various calls for abstracts for this conference are currently open. Deadline for all calls is 1 December 2021.
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