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Newsletter Centre for Academic Teaching May 2021   Read online
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Compete for the Dutch Higher Education Award
Do you and your team work together to improve education? Or do you know a team that has delivered an exceptional performance? Compete for the Dutch Higher Education Award. Last spring, the Mixed Classroom team from Urban Futures Studio won the second prize of the Dutch Higher Education Award. For 2022, UU may again submit one nomination for a successful educational team that has made an outstanding or exceptional contribution to the renewal and/or improvement of higher education in the past four years.
Themes of Comenius programme 2022 announced: sign up for information session
The Comenius programme is a national incentive programme for educational innovation, offered by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO). It allows teachers to bring their vision on teaching into practice.
Optimising your teaching practice with the Utrecht Roadmap for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Submit your teaching inquiry proposal now!
Do you want to try a possible solution to a problem in your student’s learning? Do you want to obtain more information that can help you gain insight into your student’s learning?

Taking a systematic, research-informed approach to these questions, according to the principles of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), will not only provide you with answers to these questions but will also contribute to education quality by generating context- and discipline specific, educational knowledge.

All teachers (starting and more experienced) can now apply for granting of small SoTL projects.
From the teacher community
Sign up for the Modular Programme in Didactics for Continuing Education
How do you design courses for professionals? Which teaching methods work best? And how do you guide professionals in their learning process? The answers to these questions will be discussed during the new modular programme for lecturers who want to start teaching to professionals.

Registration is open to UU colleagues as well as lecturers from the universities within the alliance. This allows you to exchange experiences and learn from other teachers across institutions.

Registration: at the latest 4 June 2021 via
E-learning entrepreneurship in the making
Education innovation think tank started: students contribute ideas to education projects
How do you involve students in education and educational innovation? Including the perspective of students in the design and innovation of education is very important. After all, education is for the student. That's why Educate-it has developed a student think tank: a training programme in which students can give input on educational innovation projects that are currently being carried out within the UU. In return, they can gain new knowledge and skills.
An ACtiegericht Toetsmodel (ACT) for innovative education - OCW grant Open and Online Education for Utrecht applicants
On behalf of the alliance external linkwith the TU/e, WUR, and UMC, the UU has submitted a project proposal for SURF's and OCW's Incentive Scheme for Open and Online Education external link. This project is one of 14 proposals that have been granted external linkfunding. Twenty-nine proposals were submitted.
From the Educational Database
CAT events
Many activities related to the coronavirus measures have been cancelled. Check the CAT agenda for events that will take place online.

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